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PU Hardcover Notebook Supplier Explained: Notebook

A notebook (also known as a notepad, writing pad, drawing tablet, or legal recorder) is a book or stack of paper pages that is usually ruled and used for recording notes or memos, other writing, drawing, or scrapbooking purposes

1. Binding cover
The main types of binding are stuffing, perfect, spiral, comb, sewing, fastening, disc and pressure, some of which can be combined. The binding method affects whether the computer can lay flat when the computer is turned on and whether pages may remain attached. Cover materials are often different from writing surface materials, are more durable, more decorative, and more securely connected. It's even harder than the page, even harder than the page. The covering material should not cause damage or discomfort.

Spiral-bound notebooks are usually cheaper to buy, which means that spiral-bound wires are wrapped in large holes at the top or side of the page. You can also use other binding notebooks to glue pages together. Today, this process is "filling."  Today, pages in such notebooks often contain a row of thin lines to make it easier to tear off the page. You can tear off spiral-bound pages, but often leave small, messy strips in the small amount of paper inside the spiral, and uneven tearing along the top of the torn page. A stiff notebook includes a stitched spine and pages are not easy to remove. Some styles of stitching allow the page to open flat, while others cause the page to drape.

Various variants of laptops that allow adding, deleting and replacing pages are constrained by rings, rods or discs. In each of these systems, the pages are decorated with perforations that help specific binding mechanisms protect their ability. Loop-bound and pole-bound notebooks can hold their contents by threading perforated pages on straight or curved pins. In the open position, you can delete pages and rearrange them. In the closed position, the pages remain in order. A notebook with a CD can eliminate the opening or closing operation by modifying the page itself. A page punched into the disc binding system includes a row of teeth along the side edges of the page that hold the outer raised edges of a single disc tightly.

2. Preprint
Notebooks for drawing and scrapbooking are usually blank. Notebooks for writing usually have some form of printing on the writing material, as long as they use only lines to align the writing or facilitate some types of drawing. Inventor's notebooks are preprinted with page numbers to support priority claims. They may be considered grey literature. Many notebooks have graphic decorations. Personal organizers can have a variety of preprinted pages.

3. Use
Artists often use large notebooks, which include empty spaces suitable for drawing. Similarly, composers use notebooks to write their "lyrics." Lawyers use quite large notebooks, called legal notebooks, which contain lined paper (usually yellow) and are suitable for desks and desks. These horizontal lines or "rules" are sometimes classified according to their space, with the furthest "wide rule", "university rule" closer, "legal rule" closer, and "narrow rule" nearest, so more lines can be displayed per page text. When sewn into the pasteboard lining, these books may be called writing instruments, or "blue books" or exam books with smaller signatures, and are used for composition exams.

In contrast, for portability, journalists prefer to use small handheld laptops (journalists' laptops), sometimes using shorthand for note-taking. Scientists and other researchers use laboratory notebooks to record their experiments. The pages in a lab notebook are sometimes graph paper used to plot data. Police must use police notebooks to write down notes during observation. Land surveyors often record field records in a rugged notebook called a "field record."

Coloring enthusiasts use coloring notebooks to reduce stress. The pages in the coloring notebook contain different adult coloring pages. Students take notes in notebooks, and research shows that writing, rather than typing, improves learning.

Notebook pages can be recycled through standard paper recycling. Recycled notebooks can be used, with different percentages and paper quality.



Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional    PU Hardcover Notebook Supplier     in China. The high-quality Thermo PU leather notebook is suitable for corporate, business gifts, student prizes, etc. due to its elegant appearance. If you want to buy, please contact us.

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PU Notebook-Custom Craft For Leather Notebook

There are many types of notebooks, divided by cover materials, such as leather, imitation leather PU, leather, PP, cloth and metal. They are divided according to the way of gift notebook binding: paperback, lock-lined plastic binding; loose-leaf; coil book; plastic bound book.


Custom leather notebook size understanding:

Before you customize a notebook, you must know how big your custom notebook is. If you do n’t know, you can determine the style and size of the notebook according to your corporate culture. The notebook is divided into 16 (210x297) open, 32 open (A5 = 148x210), 48 Open (A6 = 105x148), etc., the general notebook used more open number of 16 open.

There are many processes for customizing notebooks. For example, the cover has a cover process, and the inner page production also has an inner page process. Second, there are multiple processes for printing the logo. Here is a brief description of the related production processes for the cover and logo.

Cover making process: roughly divided into bronzing, bronzing, embossing, silk screen, laser, embossing effect, etc., and the commonly used process will be embossing, because this process is relatively good-looking, has a grade, and will not be bronzing Hot silver is so exaggerated, so many customers will choose this process to make the logo effect of the cover.

Logo production process: roughly divided into embossing, embossing bronzing / silvering, silk printing, engraving. The most commonly used in custom notebooks by companies is UV inkjet to make notebook LOGO processes. This is also a relatively conventional process. If the design is appropriate, the effect will be gorgeous and colorful, and it will have a great visual impact on people. Welcomed by enterprises.


Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of     PU notebook   . Product design is novel and exquisite craftsmanship. We have a complete sales network in domestic sales in the global market. Welcome to buy:

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PU Notebook-About Leather Notebook Production

Leather notebooks are made of different materials, and people will have different enjoyment when using them. Of course, some will be more expensive and some will be cheaper. Of course it will be more expensive if it is leather, but it will be more comfortable to use.

After choosing which cover material to use, you can make it. Of course, the process of customizing the cover of leather notebooks is also very much. Generally, people will use embossing. The cover of the notebook made by embossing is more beautiful and looks good Very tall and very high quality, so many people like to use the embossing process.

Selection of customized inner page materials for leather notebooks

For the production of loose-leaf notebooks, the choice of paper for leather notebooks is also very important. There are copperplate paper, double offset paper, off-white dorian paper, and off-white doolin paper lamp. When making, use different papers for different purposes and effects. When using coated paper, it is generally used for inside pages of advertising paper and inserted into writing paper, which looks more beautiful. On the contrary, if leather notebooks are made of double-adhesive paper and Dowling paper, this material is writing paper, and the double-adhesive paper is relatively expensive, while for Dowling paper, there are many applications, and Beige dolin paper has a protective effect on vision.


What to put in a leather notebook

In the process of making leather notebooks, you can make headers and footers for the company's profile, product, etc. At the same time, the inner page can also be designed, such as personal information, international long-distance area code, these are general columns, can be added as a template, customers have other needs or can be printed according to their needs, in general, the inner page and color The pages are printed on coated paper, mainly 128G and 256G. If you need more high-end, you can change to other art papers, using single-color printing, two-color printing or four-color printing, of course, customers can also choose spot color printing. Relatively speaking, single-color and two-color printing are used more frequently. For the other two types of printing, few companies will choose.


Leather notebook production size

We know that notebooks have different sizes and sizes. Generally, there are multiple division methods. The first is to divide by the number of sheets. Generally, 16 (210x297), 32 (A5 = 148x210), and 48 (A6) = 105x148) and so on. The commonly used opening number is 16 or 32. The unit of opening is K. The summary is 16k, 32k, 48k, etc.


What is the leather notebook production process

1. Learn more about the customer's customization needs and estimate the approximate price.

2. After reaching a preliminary agreement with the customer, make a good sample for the customer.

3. After confirming the sample and quantity with the customer, sign the sales contract, and at the same time, let the customer pay half of the payment in advance.

4. Notebook manufacturers provide design drafts.

5. Delivery according to the contract time.


Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of    PU notebook   . Novel design and exquisite workmanship. Welcome to buy:

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